My essential oils blends began as a journey in self care and blossomed into a love for the healing benefits of essentail oils.  I source my oils from high qaulity, reputable sources and many of the most potent oils I acquire are pure enough for ingestion. 

The history of using essential oils can be tracked back to 4500 BC when ancient Egyptians used essential oils for cosmetics and healing purposes.

My passion is making powerful essentail oil blends. It's been a love affair that has blossomed through the years. I studied and read about some of the most powerful essential oils this earth has to offer as I sought to find ways to make myself and the people I love feel good in their skin. These are my absolute favourite blends that seems to be the answer to just about everything.



Feel better in your skin Naturally

Vax is a legendary blend of pure essential oils known for thier ancient healing track record. These blends balance, refresh and soothe delicate skin. Each blend is analgesic (calming), anti septic and antifungal. They can be used anywhere needed.

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Try an earthy and moisturizing beard balm great for softening the beard as well and hydrating calming the skin. Also available is a soothing balm made especially for men. Freely apply to your most delicate areas. The ingredients are gentle are nourishing.

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